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COVID-19 Safety Measures

These measures are set out below: 

  •  As the ratio of students in the school is below 25 students, we will separate the tables from each other, maintaining the safety distance required by the Ministry of Health.
  • School coexistence groups will be created in such a way that they can undertake their school activities normally but independently from the rest of the students. The permanence of students in their classrooms will be prioritised, preventing them from wandering around the building to go to other areas.
  • Exits to the patio will take place in turns by groups, leaving one by one and going to the patio area duly marked for each year group.
  • The school will equip the workforce with the appropriate protective equipment for the job.
  • It is necessary to carry out a self-check before leaving home. If the person presents symptoms compatible with COVID-19 before going to school, or if the person has had close contact with a case of Covid-19 at home (family or partner), they cannot go to school, but will contact their family doctor or with the Community COVID-19 hotline, and will inform the school as soon as possible. The management team will report the case to the School’s Occupational Risk Prevention Service and to the coordinator of the relevant health centre, also sending a list of the close contacts that the symptomatic person has had during the school day so that the necessary measures can be adopted.
  • Frequent hand hygiene.
  • The use of masks will be mandatory for all staff and students over 6 years of age. (If children under 6 years of age want to use a mask they can do so)
  • Physical greetings, including shaking hands, will not be allowed.
  • When coughing or sneezing, disposable tissues must be used to cover mouths and noses. If tissues are not available, the inside of the flexed elbow must be used.
  • The centre will have hydrogels distributed throughout the classrooms and common areas, students will be encouraged to use them frequently.



Stay home and remain in isolation for a minimum of 10 days since the beginning of symptoms, and stay in isolation until you have had no symptoms in the last 3 days. If you haven’t had symptoms, isolate for at least 10 days after your test




If your child has symptoms (fever, cough, respiratory difficulty or other related symptoms such as headache, loss of taste and/or smell, diarrhoea, vomiting, general malaise, among other symptoms) they should not come to school and you need to inform the tutor of the reason for absence. In these cases, the COVID coordinator will contact the referring nurse and the Las Lagunas Medical Center will contact the family as soon as possible.

If – after evaluation – the nurse considers it necessary to perform a test to detect if the student is COVID-19 positive, they must remain isolated until they inform you of the result, and they highly recommend that, in the meantime, all family members reduce social relations. If there are more children in the family, they must also stay home from school until the test results are delivered.

If the test is negative, the student will still have to stay at home until the symptoms disappear, but the rest of the family can return to normal life as, in this case, contagion by Coronavirus has been reasonably ruled out.

If the test is positive, all family members must remain isolated and wait for the rest of the cohabitants to be contacted for isolation recommendations and further test requests.




If a student is considered a close contact of a student with a positive result, the school COVID coordinator will contact the parents and/or legal guardians to come and pick them up and they will have to stay at least 10 days under quarantine/isolation since the last contact with the positive case, respecting the date informed by the school.

From the health center, the COVID nurse will contact the family and a diagnostic test for active infection (TEST) will be requested. It is very important that you complete the test at the medical center on the date and time indicated by the nurse

If the test carried out at your health center is NEGATIVE:

  • Stay home and quarantine for 10 days from the last day of contact with the person diagnosed
  • Watch for symptoms during the quarantine and also during the next 4 days after it ends

If the test carried out at your health center is POSITIVE:

  • A telephone follow-up will be maintained in order to monitor its evaluation by the referring COVID nurse and/or the school COVID coordinator




The entrance to the school will be made through the three doors that the school has for each stage:

Pre-reception, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, will enter and exit through the outside door to that area, Door 3, located on Rio Darro street (where they normally left last year).

Primary (Year 3-6), will enter and exit through the central door of the school, Door 2, located on Rio Darro street.

Secondary and A level students (Year 7-13) will enter and exit through the door on the roundabout, Door 1.

Proper compliance with the rules will be supervised when entering and leaving the school, recommending the avoidance of crowding. All people who access the school must disinfect their hands with hydroalcoholic gel and wear a mask. 




Students with health conditions that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19, as legally established for sensitive workers, may go to school, provided that their clinical condition is controlled and allows attendance, and rigorously maintaining protective measures.



When a student displays symptoms or they are detected by staff during their school day, they will be taken to a separate area until their parents or guardians arrive. The family will be informed that they must contact their health centre or the relevant telephone number of the Autonomous Community so that the case can be evaluated.

Any employees who display symptoms while at the school will inform the management and will withdraw to a separate area. They will contact their health centre or the Occupational Risk Prevention Service or the relevant telephone number of the Autonomous Community and follow their instructions



The centre will be cleaned and disinfected once a day, reinforcing the cleaning in those spaces that require it depending on the intensity of use. Special attention will be paid to the common areas and to the most frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, floors, telephones, hangers, etc.

  • The use and cleaning of bathrooms and toilets; in the bathrooms, there will be soap and paper dispensers available for hand drying, and students must wash their hands carefully every time they use the toilet
  • The use of paper documents and their circulation will be limited as much as possible
  • Students will not share books or pencils or personal items in class
  • The keyboards, screens, and mouse will be cleaned with a disinfectant solution after each use and change of class

In the first days of September, the revised and/or modified protocol will be provided by the educational authorities. In order to respect health and safety protocols and avoid any unfortunate contaminations, for the time being, all visits to the school must be made by appointment by phone and with a mask. This guide will be adapted and modified in accordance with the different provisions issued by the relevant health and / or educational authorities.


You can find more information about quarantine and isolation measures from the Spanish Ministry of Health here:

as well as on our Downloads page