Access to university

One of the many advantages of our curriculum is the worldwide recognition of the British GCSE. Students leaving the ARK Christian school at the end of Year 13 have the world at their feet and can choose to study in Spain or abroad.

Study in Spain

Please, find below how DIRECT ACCESS to the Spanish public university from the British System (A Levels) or International Baccalaureate (IB) works without the need to take the EVAU exam (Spanish exam to access to the university):

Students do not need to take the EVAU exam. The equivalent grade corresponding to the general phase of the EVAU (access grade out of 10 points) is calculated by applying the pertinent conversion formula of each programme.

British system (A Levels)

Access to university depends on the results obtained in the AS/A Level examinations to be taken at the end of each of the years that constitute the baccalaureate, Year 12-Year 13. As in the International Baccalaureate, our students are exempt from taking the EVAU exam, as they can obtain up to 10 points through their A Level subjects.

Students choose 4 A Level subjects, and they need to pass at least 3 in order to get direct access to the Spanish public universities. In order to unify criteria, in the United Kingdom the “UCAS POINTS TABLE”, which assigns a numerical value to the marks obtained in the AS/A2 examinations, is established as a scale for university access.

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